Wannabe Retiree is a one gal show. Ran by Leigha.
Farm kid first and creative second. 

Leigha is an eighth generation farm kid, creative strategist, and digital marketer with extensive experience in brand strategy, content creation, community management, video production, and genuine storytelling.


She creates campaigns, brand voices and program plans that best benefit the communities and people directly involved. To say it simply, she's a people person. 

What matters most to her is making honest connections that deliver long-term *sincere* results. 
Trends are short-lived, and she's about making things that last. 

Coming from a long line of farmers in Upstate New York, Leigha especially loves working with small businesses, independently owned family farms, and nonprofits that work to better the NYS food system. 

She's also the gleaning coordinator for Long Table Harvest in the Hudson Valley! 

Wannabe Retiree
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digital marketer.

brand person.

content creator.

farm kid turned farmer.