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Wannabe Retiree is a one gal show. Ran by Leigha.
farmer first and creative second. 

Leigha is an eighth-generation farm kid turned farmer, creator, and "digital marketer". She hates screens but can't seem to stay away from them.


Leigha is a creative with experience in content creation, graphic design, branding, and community programs that best benefit the people directly involved. To keep it simple, she's a people person. Trends are short-lived, and she's about making things that last.

She especially loves working with small businesses, farms, and nonprofits that work to better the NYS food system. Plus, she's a farmer herself and worked the last three years at Little Seed Gardens, and was the gleaning coordinator for Long Table Harvest in the Hudson Valley.

The goal is to take her food justice knowledge back home to Eaton, NY for her own future farm plans. Let the mess begin.

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